The Dread Pirates


The Dread Pirates came into reality during a meeting between the members of The Chosen and the regular civilians of several worlds. The regular civilians had been unhappy with The Chosen's decisions for years and used the meeting as an opportunity to attack. The citizens sent a signal to their warriors during a meeting and the newly formed Dread Pirate army charged down the mountainside. After several hours of fighting, The Chosen had managed to repel the Dread Pirate invasion, however, several Chosen had defected or become Turned.

Since the attack, The Dread Pirates had kept silent. Four years later, as The Chosen sought to recuperate by recruiting new members, The Dread Pirates attacked the recruiters who went out; Killua Zoldyck, Yoh Asakura, and Allen Walker. This sparked a new war between The Chosen and The Dread Pirates which has yet to be resolved.


The Dread Pirates ranks are always growing, but the current known members are:


Uryu Ishida

Renji Abarai

As well as the original members or defective Chosen that make up the Dread Pirates, there is another faction that forcibly serves the Dread pirates due to bring blasted by The Dreaded. These people are known as The Turned. the currently known Turned are:

Gon Freecs

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